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Protect the brand that you have built and enjoy the perks when successfully enrolled into Amazon Brand Registry! Have it approved in 7 days from AZ-Helper!

* $799 Drafting, Filing, Intensive Trademark research, and any non-complex follow-up communication. *Doesn't include USPTO filing fee ($250 / class)

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Perks of Amazon Brand Registry

Not only can you protect your brand but also receive extra benefits! These are our Top 6 favorites

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A+ Content

A+ Enhanced Brand Content helps businesses showcase their brand story and product features using rich text and images on the Amazon detail page to help drive conversion, and potentially increase traffic and sales.

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Brand Protection

Amazon Brand Registry has the tools to protect your brand and product listings. Which removes suspected infringement of your brand, and allows you to report any suspected violations.

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Brand Store

This allows brand owners to setup branded storefront to promote and showcase your products in a multi-page store all included with Amazon Brand Registry.

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Sponsored Brands

You will have the access to have additional types of Amazon advertising exclusively for Brands that are enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry. Such as Sponsored Brand Headlines and Video Ads.

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Brand Analytics

Access to detailed and advanced reports on your Branded Products. Such as Amazon Search Terms, Demographics, Item Comparison, Alternate Purchase, Market Basket, and Repeat Purchase Behavior Report.

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Social Media Posts

It's Amazon version of their own social media. Where you can help shoppers visualize your products in realistic settings and inspire them to browse your feed.

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Step 1

Fill out Our Form

Complete our form and submit an image of your Name or Logo mark.

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Step 2

Intensive Trademark Search

Our Lawyers will thoroughly search the Name to make sure it isn't too similar to existing trademarks. Then, we will draft the application for you.

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Step 3

File with USPTO

Once the application is all completed correctly, we will file your trademark with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Our Process

3 Easy Steps to register your trademark

We gone through the painful process and shortened it so that you don't have to!

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