COFFEE SLUT CLUB $2.6M Valuation - an Shopify E-Commerce Website
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COFFEE SLUT CLUB $2.6M Valuation - an Shopify E-Commerce Website

$2.6M Valuation - Coffee Slut Club - an Shopify E-Commerce Website

Who is Coffee Slut Club?

Coffee Slut Club is a thriving business, generating an impressive $30,000 in revenue per month on Shopify without relying on any paid advertisements. Their impressive success can be attributed to the virality of their TikTok videos, which have amassed an incredible 9.1 million views to date on their top viral video, driving all traffic to their online store. With a staggering 352,000 followers and 5.8 million likes on TikTok, the Coffee SlutClub has established a significant online presence, cementing their position asa leader in the coffee industry.


What is their potential?

Is that the limit for the Coffee Slut Club's potential? We currently value their business at a revenue of $270,000 with a 30% profit margin. However, their potential for growth is currently limited by their tendency to go out of stock and their reliance on a single platform, Shopify. To address this, we have created a three-year financial projection for the Coffee Slut Club, which we believe will increase their valuation by 273% to $737,100. While this figure represents only 0.02% of Amazon's market share in this category, our goal is to dominate 1% of the category on Amazon, which would significantly increase their valuation to $2.6 million upon exit.

How are you going to accomplish this?

We are an Amazon E-Commerce Agency that have proven record of lifetime management of $50 Million+

Our plan is to bring brands like Coffee Slut Club with great social following and get them setup on multiple E-commerce platforms. Starting with Amazon.

Our strategy is designed to maximize the Coffee Slut Club's success on Amazon by following a clear pre-launch, launch, and post-launch roadmap. Prior to product launch, we will establish a strong foundation for the brand on Amazon, including account setup and enrollment in Amazon Brand Registry, catalog management, profit analysis, and Amazon SEO copywriting. We will also prioritize enhanced graphic designs, including images, A+ content, brand store, Amazon posts, and video, and set up a PPC campaign through Amazon Advertising.

Once the product is launched, we will generate sales and traction by enrolling in Vine, turning on PPC ads, hiring UGC videos, and conducting social media outreach. Post-launch, we will scale and optimize the brand by getting feedback, optimizing listing SEO and PPC, managing the account's health, copyright, and customer service, expanding the product lines, managing inventory restock and reimbursements, and analyzing profit and loss reports.

Our goal is to continuously rinse and repeat this cycle, optimizing and growing sales and profits while expanding the product line vertically and horizontally.

Our Strategy

Bringing your Brand to Amazon - Building Strong Foundation

  • Account Setup + Enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry
  • Catalog Management (Listing Products)
  • Profit Analysis
  • Amazon SEO Copywriting (Title, Bullet Points, Search Terms and Indexing keywords)
  • Enhanced Graphic Designs ( Images , A+ Content, Brand Store, Amazon Posts, & Video)
  • PPC Campaign Setup ( Amazon Advertising )
  • Ship Products to FBA

The DROP - Generate Sales and Traction

  • Enroll Vine
  • Turn on PPC Ads
  • Hire UGC Videos
  • Social Media Outreach


  • Getting Feedback
  • Listing SEO & PPC Optimization
  • Account Management ( Account Health, Copyright, Customer Service etc.)
  • Catalog Management ( Expand Product Lines )
  • Inventory Management ( Restock , Reimbursements etc.)
  • Profit & Loss Analysis Report
  • Scaling the Business


If you are a representative of the Coffee Slut Club and you are ready to take your business to the next level and increase its value to $2.6 million, we encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

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