Your Brand ____ has been removed from Brand Registry
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Your Brand ____ has been removed from Brand Registry

Solution with Step by Step guide on resolving your Brand on Amazon Brand Registry.

If you are reading this, this means that you have received an email from Amazon stating that "Your brand, _______, has been removed from Brand Registry"

Your Brand has been removed from Brand Registry Email

Now making your account ineligible to list new products with that brand name, create/edit new A+ content or Brand stores.

The reasons Amazon rejected your previously accepted Brand below are as stated below:

a) one or more users on the brand are engaging in conduct that violates Brand Registry’s policies, such as, but not limited to, invalid notice submissions through our notice submission channels or tampering with the catalog;

b) one or more users on the brand are related to other Amazon accounts or brands that have violated Amazon or Brand Registry’s policies;

c) inability to provide sufficient evidence of branding on products/packaging;

d) one or more users on the brand have a selling account that is de-activated; or

e) your trademark application appears to be filed by a filing firm that may be violating US federal regulations and USPTO rules (explained below). If you are enrolling with a US trademark, please note that the USPTO requires foreign domiciled applicants or registrants to be represented by a U.S. licensed attorney. This rule was designed to improve the quality of trademark submissions by U.S. attorneys who are bound by ethical rules to follow the USPTO rules of professional conduct and their state bar codes of conduct. The USPTO has guidance on evaluating filing firms and how to avoid potential USPTO rule violations here. Additional scrutiny may be triggered by Amazon for use of a suspicious filing firm. Attorneys suspected of misconduct may be investigated by the USPTO. If you are working through an intermediary, rather than directly with a US licensed attorney, to seek a US trademark registration or enrollment into Brand Registry, your application may be subject to additional scrutiny by Amazon and the USPTO. Before hiring an attorney or a trademark service company, check whether they are subject to an Order for Sanctions from the USPTO or listed as an entity on the Potentially Misleading Solicitations webpage. If you are concerned about the validity of your application or the conduct of any of the entities involved in your application, consult with a private U.S. attorney who is knowledgeable about trademark law (and not connected to any entity listed on the Order for Sanctions or Potentially Misleading Solicitations webpage) to evaluate your application. If you need help finding an attorney, you can find resources from the USPTO here. You can also leverage the Amazon IP Accelerator program to connect with a curated network of vetted IP law firms. You can learn more about the program here. Please note that the use of a firm vetted by the Amazon IP Accelerator program is not required for enrollment in Brand Registry. Please note that enrollment in Brand Registry is at Amazon’s sole discretion. Any misuse of Amazon’s Brand Protection tools or suspected misconduct in the acquisition or maintenance of your intellectual property rights may lead to restrictions or removal from Brand Registry. If after having read the USPTO’s rules and regulations, you have reason to believe that your trademark application may have been filed in violation of USPTO’s rules and regulations, you may choose to file a new application that is in accordance with the USPTO’s rules and regulations. Refer to guidelines for eligibility in Brand Registry. Once you have a new trademark application, you may submit a new enrollment request in Brand Registry. Please note that there are several things you can do to protect your trademark application or registration listed here.

Below of that email is an appeal.
"You may submit an appeal to reactivate your Brand Registry account by clicking on:"
Please click and start the appeal process.

Step 1.

Select you own the trademark and upload your original filing trademark receipt from USPTO. If you already have a certificate Registered Trademark please upload that.

If you do not have a trademark filing receipt please go to USPTO website and input your serial number. Then, click status and you will see a button to download your proof of ownership with all of your details on USPTO.

Download Pending Trademark Receipt of Ownership

Step 2.

The easiest way is to upload a third party manufacturer brand agreement. Please see previous article to  download the template. Make sure to remove all AZ-Helper watermarks.

Step 3.

Enter the website of your brand. Enter N/A if you do not have a brand website.

Just input N/A

Are any of your brand currently sold on Amazon in any marketplace?

Choose No if you only have one brand. If you have more than one brand on Amazon choose yes.

Step 4.

Enter the brand store link of all your brands on Amazon. Enter N/A if there are no brand store links now.

Step 5.

Enter the title of each product under the brand being appealed. Then upload a copy of recent sales/sourcing/manufacturing invoice in the last 6 months which includes one or more product names mentioned above.

Please see previous article to download the template. Make sure to remove all AZ-Helper watermarks.

Step 6.

Click Submit. It should take around 3-5 business days to receive a response from Amazon.

Thank you for reading so far. We also offer trademark services that have lawyers that are not on Amazon Blacklisted Attorney/Lawyers and our pricing are cheaper than IP Accelerator Trademark Providers by $700+ USD

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