How to Enroll in Amazon Brand Registry
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How to Enroll in Amazon Brand Registry

Will guide you step by step on how to enroll your brand onto Amazon Brand Registry so you can unlock the protection and perks of Amazon Brand registry.

NO BS Straight to the Point.

If this is your first time registering your trademark onto your Amazon Account then you would need 5 things.

  1. Trademark Serial Number & Filing Receipt
  2. Pictures of the product or packaging clearly showing the trademark front facing the camera. One of the photos must have your hand in it.
  3. LOGO MARK ONLY: Provide a high quality picture of your logo.
  4. Brand & Manufacturer Agreement Letter signed PDF
  5. Invoice PDF

Template for #4 & #5 here:

1. Brand & Manufacturer Agreement

2. Invoice

Now onto actually enrolling.

1. Go to

Note: Please us the login you used to register for your Amazon Seller Central Account.

Click Manage -> Enroll a Brand -> Click on the Button: Enroll your Brand

Then input your Trademark Brand Name and Serial Number & Click Verify

What you put in Brand Name is very sensitive. If approved then it would be in that capitalization. Double check what you registered is the same as USPTO please check the official website here:

Now insert the logo and move onto the next step.

Note: the logo must match what you have registered on official trademark office.

Then upload images of your product or packaging clearly showing your logo. "PHOTOSHOPPED" images will be rejected but some may pass. Just take photos of actual product or packaging and upload it.

Onto the Second Step: Account Information

If your are a Seller click seller and your marketplace that you filed your trademark with. Ex. USPTO then choose US marketplace.

Then choose ONE category only.

NOTE: For the last 3 columns, it is all optional. I don't recommend you to fill it out.

Onto the last and final step: Manuf­acturi­ng and distr­ibutio­n infor­mation

If this is your first time filing a trademark you will have two files you need to upload.

  1. Brand & Manufacturer Agreement Letter
  2. Invoice

After uploading it you will then go and click No for Distribution & Licensee information.

Then Submit!

If done correctly you will receive a Congratulations email from Amazon Brand Registry in a few days or a rejection letter. Sometimes Amazon Brand Registry will send a verification code to your Lawyer / attorney. You will need to get this verification code from your Lawyer / attorney and submit it to Amazon. Once it is submitted, within 24 hours after submission you should receive a Congratulations email from Amazon Brand Registry!

Thanks for reading!

If you have problems and keeps getting rejected please feel free to react out to us!

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