Safety Nailer - Revamp their Entire Store and Remove Chinese Counterfeit Knockoffs
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Safety Nailer - Revamp their Entire Store and Remove Chinese Counterfeit Knockoffs

A brief Plan of Action that we can help Safety Nailer to dominate on Amazon and also take back their marketshare from Chinese Counterfeit Knockoffs

Who is Safety Nailer?

Drew Zirkle founded Safety Nailer, a company that offers innovative products designed by his friend who served in the military. Among these products is the Safety Nailer, a finger guard equipped with a magnetic mechanism that securely holds the nail in place, thereby preventing accidental finger injuries while driving the nail. This product prioritizes your safety, ensuring that your fingers remain safe and protected at all times.

What is their potential?

1M? 2M? 10M?

In Short NO.

Upon analyzing the available data, it appears that the current valuation of the company, Safety Nailer, is not justified at even $1M as of right now. Our research indicates that the company generates approximately $10,000 in revenue through its website, and less than $4,000 in monthly sales on Amazon.

We have conducted extensive research on the product and its competitors on Amazon, and our findings suggest that the company can gain 30% more sales on Amazon within the first 6-8 months with AZ-Helper and potentially double them within a year. First thing is remove Chinese Counterfeit Knockoffs.

Who are these Chinese Counterfeit Knockoffs?

We currently found 2 Counterfeit Knockoffs on Amazon that is stealing over 600 units of sales from Safety Nailers per year, which amounts to approximately $10,800 in potential revenue!

Knockoff #1 LINK HERE

Upgrade Finger Protector for Hammering Nails,Nail Protector- Nail Holder Hand Tools (Pack of 2) - for Nails,Finish Nails,Small Screws, and Staples, Avoid Hitting The Fingers

Knockoff #2 LINK HERE

Plastic Pliers,Nail Holder for Hammering,Finger Protective Nail Guide,Home Tool Auxiliary Pliers,Secure Nails Anti-smashing finger Joint Pliers Tool Gadget More Safety for Hammering Screws and Nails

Can you remove these Counterfeit Knockoffs from Amazon?

Yes! With the help of AZ-Helper, we can help you remove these counterfeits with strong proposals and strike them with a patent violation.

How are you going to help Build and Grow Safety Nailer's Business?

Keep reading below and we have a layout of our plan specifically for Safety Nailer to help double their current sales and revenue on Amazon to at least $10,000 / month. We also project that within the 2nd year of our management, Safety Nailers can grow to at least $20,000~$30,000 in revenue per month.

Snippet of our Competitor Analysis Deck

Top 3 Brands are #1 Metabo HPT, #2 NuMax , #3 BOSTITCH which takes up 50% of top 50 listing sales and 5,903 units per month.

NOTE: Amazon is not on this list as competitors, which means it gives us the average Joe to have the opportunity to compete. These brands on Amazon are just private label brands that have built strong listings on Amazon throughout the years and dominated this space.

Competitor Analysis for Safety Nailer Power Framing Nailers Category Top 50 Amazon
Power Framing Nailers Category Top 50

How are you going to accomplish this?

AZ-Helper is an Amazon E-Commerce Agency that have proven record of lifetime management of $50 Million+

Our plan is to bring brands like Safety Nailer with great story behind their brand and get them setup on multiple E-commerce platforms. Starting with Amazon.

Our strategy is designed to maximize the Safety Nailer's success on Amazon by following a clear pre-launch, launch, and post-launch roadmap. Prior to product launch, we will establish a strong foundation for the brand on Amazon, including account setup and enrollment in Amazon Brand Registry, catalog management, profit analysis, and Amazon SEO copywriting. We will also prioritize enhanced graphic designs, including images, A+ content, brand store, Amazon posts, and video, and set up a PPC campaign through Amazon Advertising.

Once the product is launched, we will generate sales and traction by enrolling in Vine, turning on PPC ads, hiring UGC videos, and conducting social media outreach. Post-launch, we will scale and optimize the brand by getting feedback, optimizing listing SEO and PPC, managing the account's health, copyright, and customer service, expanding the product lines, managing inventory restock and reimbursements, and analyzing profit and loss reports.

Our goal is to continuously rinse and repeat this cycle, optimizing and growing sales and profits while expanding the product line vertically and horizontally.

Our Strategy

Bringing your Brand to Amazon - Building Strong Foundation

  • Add your category to Amazon
  • Catalog Management (Listing Products)
  • Profit Analysis
  • Amazon SEO Copywriting (Title, Bullet Points, Search Terms and Indexing keywords)
  • Enhanced Graphic Designs ( Images , A+ Content, Brand Store, Amazon Posts, & Video)
  • PPC Campaign Setup ( Amazon Advertising )
  • Ship Products to FBA

The DROP - Generate Sales and Traction

  • Enroll Vine
  • Turn on PPC Ads
  • Hire UGC Videos
  • Social Media Outreach


  • Getting Feedback
  • Listing SEO & PPC Optimization
  • Account Management ( Account Health, Copyright, Customer Service etc.)
  • Catalog Management ( Expand Product Lines )
  • Inventory Management ( Restock , Reimbursements etc.)
  • Profit & Loss Analysis Report
  • Scaling the Business

Problems we will face

  1. Knockoff Monitoring - Constant monitoring to check on Amazon and other platforms if there are Counterfeit Knockoffs.
  2. Stock Outs - Going out of stock is like dying. Amazon ranking algorithm wouldn't keep your ranking just because you are out of stock. It will give it to your next coming up competitor.
  3. Transitioning from FBM to FBA - Currently the seller fulfills the orders all by themselves. We will need to fix that.

Are you Safety Nailer?

If you are a representative of Safety Nailer and you are ready to take your business to the next level and increase its sales to at least $10,000/month on Amazon? We encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals!

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