China Freight Forwarder

Get a freight forwarding quote from China quickly & hassle free. Taking care of all your goods from the manufacturer/suppliers and get it to your FBA warehouse or designated 3PL warehouse. Quick, Easy, and Amazon friendly.

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Our Speciality

We have extensive experience in Logistics & Freight Forwarding

Tailored for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses.

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Quickly receive rates on freight and local charges.

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Shipment Options

Options include Sea Freight, Air Freight, Amazon FBA, Door to Door, US Customs, and Road Freight

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No shady actions. If you pay for the quicker shipping options you will get that service.

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3PL Warehouse

Amazon FBA Storage limits? We got that handled. You can use our local warehouses and ship your products when your account has more storage space.

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We work intensively with our Freight Forwarders and have built strong relationships with them over the past 7 years selling on Amazon.

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Amazon Compliance

We are always up to date with Amazon's policy changes. Your shipments to Amazon FBA warehouse will follow their policies.

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Step 1

Fill out the Form

Let us know exactly what you are trying to ship, the contents, quantity, dimensions, weight etc.

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Step 2

Receive a Quote

Get quote from us via email. If by sea we will provide quotes for  Fast Sea or Regular Sea Shipments rates.

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Step 3

Make payment & Ship

Agree to the shipment rate and we will take care of everything. Let us know which FBA warehouse ship it to and provide us with FBA box label.

Our Process

3 Easy Steps to take care of your international shipments

Quick and Hassle free.

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